Dog Decides To Photobomb His Owner’s Engagement Pictures

If you had to name a single thing that you really appreciated about dogs, what would it be? Some people might mention that they are extremely loyal animals and other people might enjoy the unconditional love they provide. When you really stop to think about it, dogs are the complete package and they provide everything from security to comfort. But, there is another reason why dogs are awesome. They are extremely entertaining.

Some dogs do their best to engage their owners and make them laugh. Others do it naturally, without even trying. In either case, it seems as if some dogs are a constant source of entertainment and happiness, and I’m sure that’s how the owners of Thor feel. After all, he is more than a pet, he is family.

This unusual situation happened when Joyce Sabino Greffe and Alfredo Garcia da Silva of Campo Grande of Brazil wanted to get together for an engagement photoshoot and they wanted Thor to come along. In the end, they got more than what they could have ever hoped for.

They probably had envisioned the perfect engagement pictures but Thor had something else in mind.

Instead of just sitting by and watching the pictures happen, he was overly excited, giving them lots of kisses and wriggling around while the camera was shooting. He even managed to get playful with the camera, which is how Nicolas Carrelo, the photographer, managed to get some great shots.

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